When people says cats are the embodiment of evil, they’re not joking. Science has proven that your cat doesn’t need you. If you believed otherwise, check this videos:

People say dogs can smell evil from a person, could they be doing it with cats as well?

They enjoy watching you suffer.

I mean, seriously, who could slap a baby like that?

Not only babies, but other cats as well.

It seems like they enjoy thowing things to the ground too.

Or other cats…

And not even bears can stand against the might of cats!

This supercut of super evil cats, posted by YouTube user Ignoramusky, shows that cats are an international threat to ankles, toes and anything else they can sink their little claws into. The video is filled with kittens of every make and model going into attack mode and assaulting everything from their devoted owners to innocent puppies to brooms and, naturally, video cameras. Check it below:

We may never know if they really are evil or just enjoy playing bad jokes, one thing is for sure, we just can’t help to love them.