Established in 1989, the ABA boasts careful photographic validation of all the dogs registered. The ABA was founded by old time bulldoggers Casey and Sheila Couturier. An American Bulldog named Watchdog White Fang, is what led to this great registry being founded. Many great dogs have followed and made the ABA into the premier breed specific registry for the American Bulldog. In March 2015, seven dedicated bulldoggers acquired the ABA, in order to preserve the heritage and build a future in which the American Bulldog thrives. The ABA is only as good as the American Bulldogs and people who support it.

American Bulldog Association
ABA American Bulldogs

This seven Bulldogers are:

David Lewis, Kristen Lewis, Chris Mead, Jane Mead, Nathan Reich, Liana Reich and Jose Manzano

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